Beer Fridge!

Updating the Darkroom fridge with some amazing BrewDog craft beers. They, like us are passionate about creating perfect crafted products that are a bit different from the rest!Brewdog Fine art printing craft

Etching Rag Tests

More sample images being printed this afternoon. This time for Lisa Visser on our Etching Rag paper. This a beautiful and simple paper that is great for the subtle tones of a Fine Art photograph.Lisa Visser Fine Art Tests

Packing supplies

Lots of packing supplies arrived today, there are some exciting things in there! If you like acid free paper and envelopes!!

Packing suppose for FV Printing East Grinstead

It's alive!

Well we are live! After a long time selecting papers and miles of test prints we are finally happy with the paper line up to launch FV Fine Art Printing.

We have 4 papers to choose from. Our HD paper is an amazing paper that will produce prints with a wider colour range than wet prints but at a price that makes them perfect for any photographer.

Our Platine and Etching papers are beautiful to behold and really must be seen to be believed. To order a sample print please email me at for a discount code.

Now I...